Gray Hair

I am old enough to have gray hair, having said that, I will not wear my hair gray.

I have tried to allow it to grow out and be proud of my age, but Noooo

after looking at myself,for awhile, I have to color the gray.:) I look better without gray hair


Bluebird777 Bluebird777
70+, F
2 Responses Feb 19, 2009

I know - gray is definitely not in these days. I'm salt and pepper but mostly salt. Even my doctor says color my hair - I bought the stuff but haven't done it - it smells so awful and when I did it when I was young it made my hair feel like what I think cadaver hair must feel like. I get my eyebrows dyed though - what a nice thing that is - it really gives a lift to my face. Maybe some day I'll break down and put color on my hair. I've noticed how people look at me and I can see the wheels turning in their heads - "well, what an old woman". I get no respect!

I just have to go with the gray. I have tried coloring it and it's resistant to color. It's not so bad. I'm on the downhill slide to 50 so I'm just going to go with it. I'm lucky, I guess, my sister had been graying since she was 23! LOL