My hair offering experience

During my school days and college days, I taken a vow to offer my hair to lord venkateswara, if I scoring good marks and placements, after those dreams come true, I was very happy and decided to offer my hair to lord balaji with pleasure. So to fulfill my vow I had decided to take a trip to tirumala on Saturday night. After finishing my office work I started to tirumala from Bangalore, my thoughts are filled with lord venkateswara and the hair offering ceremony, after a long time I am going to hair offering (Complete head shave, I remembered, I had cried a lot during my hair offering at childhood) but this time totally with joyful heart. I had taken a white dhoti, shirt, and other kit, around 6:30 pm I started from my house, 7:30pm majestic bus stop, from there direct bus to tirumala, totally a different feeling, around 5:30am I had reached the tirumala, during my travel, I had a chat with the neighbour in the bus, he also going to offer his hair, then after reaching the holy place of tirumala, I was little bit nervous and shivering since it is December then we reached kalyanakatta, not that much rush, I was asked to stand in a queue to get the ticket, the person who is issuing a tonsure ticket asked “r u going to head shave?” I told “yes” then he given me a ticket and blade, then I entered in to the tonsure hall, I was so much excited by seeing the hair offering ceremony, because that is the first time I am seeing with all the ladies, gents, mens, womens, teenagers are offering their hair, then I went nearer to one of the barber as he was busy with the another person, he asked me to prepare for the offering of the hair, I was asked to wet my hair with water, after he had finished, I sat in front of the barber with crosslegged, by chanting the lord venkateswara name, he asked me the blade, once again he wet the hair, and then he changed the blade in the straight razor, mean time I touch feel my hair before it is going to be offered, any how happy to offer my hair, he started on the middle of my head with a little bald, that second a unexplainable joyous feeling will pleasure was started, some peaceful happy thoughts, then he started slowly enlarging the bald, within a minute I feel my half of my head shave is over, then he started in the front and the side, finally shave and mustard, almost my full head shave is over, he asked me to get up as it is over, the total head is feeling the cool breeze, first time touching my head without hair. Then taken a bath and chandan on the head, First I visited purshkarini, and Sri Varahaswamy temple, Since not that much rush I went for the free darshan around 7 hrs to get the darshan of Lord Venkateswara mean time I chanted Vishnu sahasranama, baghavat gita. Till having the darshan I haven’t seen my bald head, after that I had seen, very much excited by seeing the new look, then that night itself I returned to Bangalore. That Monday I taken a leave for office. The next I distributed the prasadham to my collegues, all were given different comments about my new look. First day little bit shy to go to office, then I used to it.
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Do you like being bald? Would you shave your head and keep it bald?

I have heard of offering ones hair but I did not realized that it was to Lord venkateshwara. I have not been to Tirumala but have been several times to Bangalore. When I was Taminadu south of Chenai there was a church near the beach, I saw several barbershop where people would shave their heads. My friend suggested for me to shave my head and I suggested he volunteer. Then I would not think of shaving my head, but now that I love to hang around Tibetan monks and nuns, I very much want to shave my head. When I was in India I saw many families in which men and women had their heads shaved. I think is more normal there.

Not sure ur a dude or a gal.. Be open man..

i like your story and i like to shave female heads...would you like to?