I Wish You Knew What You Mean To Me...

To the one i love, the thought of not making u happy anymore is killing me from the inside out when all i want to do is put a smile on that beautiful face of yours. I want to put the spark (no not the spark the flame) back into your heart, make u feel the way u did for him when u went to kiss him, he made u feel the way i wish i could make u feel and yes i'm jealous of that who wants to think someone can make there special someone feel they way they should make them feel. You still think of him and i understand that i'm not made or upset about that sure it hurts a bit but that's normal, your my life and my world. I had a great time with you today laughing smiling talking having fun just being with each other. My tongue swells when i'm around you the fact that i cant even say a loving speech in person, i get lost into those eyes i get speechless and breathless and i sound like a fumbling idiot who cant even make a sentence then i beat my self up for it later when no one is around. I see you as perfection nothing less. I love you more with every passing day every waking minute. I wake up and go to bed with a smile on my face because of you. I dream of u every night wishing i would wake up to you wishing id fall asleep next to u just to hold u close during the night, I actually get emotional at night because all i want to do is hold my baby hold her close and not let go. I have a love as strong as a million hearts. I guess ill go now, i love you and always will with everything in me.
anonymous748 anonymous748
18-21, F
May 21, 2012