I Wish

I wish we could go back to when we were both happy. More than that, I wish we were happy together again. It feels like so long ago, doesn't it? Remember the time when we would spent our lunch break whispering in the library? How about when we would be up hours in the night emailing our deepest secrets? Even when you slipped your hand around mine when we walked in the snow? I still think about those distant memories that happened once upon a time.
But all you see in them are her.
She was my best friend, you knew that. I knew inside of me that you always loved her, even from the start. But I still held on to the selfish hope you would find something in me that compared to her, perhaps find a new love in me. But that was foolish of me, wasn't it? When you said yes to me, you were thinking of her. I saw how you looked at her with that ravenous look in your eyes. You lived off her presence, I wasn't the one who put that glow in you after all.
That's why I left you.
No, I wasn't tired of you like I said. I was doing it for you because I still loved you. I wanted you to be happy with her, even if it meant hurting myself in the process. It's been almost a year now, did you know that? I can't help but look at the places where we had so many memories and feel a pang of sorrow in my gut. But now that you're with her, I guess at least one of us is happy now. I hope the other one of us can find the same happiness and let go of the painful memories we still hold between us.
MoonlitWalk MoonlitWalk
1 Response Nov 29, 2012

Was it worth it hes gone now and your alone your sitting here telling yourself as long as hes happy! You should hate him and her. You let it go, for him because you loved him and now what about you? Its been a year, I'll you know now 2 years it still hurts smoke from the weed so thick you cant see drunk and falling all over your self it doesn't go away it still hurts. Even when you stop leaving the house and going to school, even when you replace her with every women you see, even when you forgot to eat for awhile, its hurts. Say your sorry she wont listen she never listens she texts from time to time to ask if yoru all right she knows you aren't but she doesn't stay she never stays.