Why'd You Stab My Heart,justin?

I used to date a boy named Justin when i was 12. He was 4 years older,which made him 16. Of course,i should of known better then to date him. But,he just seemed so sweet,and i couldn't say no. After 3 months of our relationship,he began checking out woman a year younger then him,or exactly his age. I felt really sad and hurt,since i was supposed to be his girlfriend. After a year of him checking other girls out,i caught him with a girl named Marissa...a 16 year old blonde who's also a cheerleader. They weren't kissing,only hugging. They walked home together,talked together,and eventually rumors were spread that me and him were over. I refused to believe them,and many people gave me strange looks. Until,Justin confronted me,and gently and quietly explained his mom had found out about me. She was a little upset of the age range,and wouldn't accept it. He said we had to break up. I was really heartbroken,but let him go. To this day,i still remember him,and wonder what happened to him. I wonder if he went for Marissa,or if he left her too. Justin hurt me,and i didn't believe his story.
WhenIStoleYourHeart WhenIStoleYourHeart
18-21, F
Dec 7, 2012