Don't Cry For Me!

Yep, I am not here on this site for dating... AT ALL! I had made that mistake once, but never again. In fact, no more online dating for me, EVER. =p

People may see this as bitter or whatnot. I don't care. The fact is, before I ever came to this site, I've had some horrible (and horrifying!) experiences with the online dating sites, which I had to pay MONEY for too... a waste of money, imho. >_>

And when I first came to EP, dating was NOT on my mind. Yet, I was sucked into some "relationship" here, a long time ago. It was an nightmare. So, I'm back to my heart being frozen and I'm happy that way. ^_^

My heart is always warm and beating for non-romantic relationships, that is for the few friends and acquaintances that I have here. So, don't worry. I am most happy and content with these types of relationships! Love you guys and girls... and more love to my best friend... BRAT! O_O

But... the thing of it is... the only person (girl or guy) who could thaw my heart, in a romantic way, is someone who is face-to-face... Someone whom I could see in person, who lives near me and that I would have no problem getting to. Why? Because, I've found that the net is nothing but words on a screen. Even though I am honest and real within it, it doesn't mean that the other person is being real too. It's so easy for a person to play with my head, my emotions, my heart and toss it around like a play-thing... more easier than offline and in person, however. And they can get my hopes up, without having to see my tears or the pain on my face, without having to prove in actions of their intentions. It's easier for them to lie on the net and claim they are someone who they are not. And it's an answer to why these people have freaked out and fell all apart, when I had made plans to meet them in real life, calling the whole thing off. >_>

Anyhoo... sorry to anyone who got the wrong impression that I was "available", recently... I'm not available. Not for many years to come. I have no interests in anything romantic... and I'm not interested in new friends either. I already have friends and they're in my circle already. =p

If I were to have either one (new friends or new romance), it will be in person, where I live. And... they would have to be pretty special people, who've proved their words by their actions. But, the truth is... I'm not seeking or looking for either one of those thing. I have as much interests in that as I do in poking my eyes out with scissors. Erm... that means, NO INTEREST AT ALL... btw! So, move along. ^_-

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Thanks, Vikky! ^_^<br />
Ha... and love that description of emotions. LOL!