I lie to my children every night ,when I tuck them in their beds,and reasure them that there are no such things as monsters.I want to protect them from the harsh reality ,for as long as I can,that yes,not only do these monsters exist,they walk among us,and they are more dangerous and terrifying than any man,woman,or child could imagine. They are dangerous,because unlike the monster your little boy or girl pictures lying under their bed,with long fangs and horns,these monsters look just like us.There are no tell tale signs,not obvious ones like fiery eyes and forked tongues.The only signs,if any,that these are in fact monsters,are usually so vague,so subtle,that they go unnoticed,and these monsters can not walk through walls,but they can open the door of a house,a shopping center,or a school,walk in,and within seconds,destroy what we've fought so hard to protect...our loved ones,and the loved ones of all those around us.These monsters strike fear into everyone's hearts,and make us want to live within our walls,and never venture out,while they stroll freely,stealing from us,what is most precious,our children,our husbands,wives,parents,and is this possible? Why? I don't know what,if anything,to tell my children tonight when I tuck them in,but when I look at them tonight,I will be thinking of those children,who were stolen from their loved ones,and of all the people,whose lives were taken,and those whose lives were destroyed by what happened this day,as I think of those who have had the same experience,else where,at other times in the past,and I will cry,and I will pray,for the families,and the victims....and maybe I should feel something other than hate,for the purpotrators,but I'm not strong enough,or even willing to try right now.All I can say is,I hope one day,a mother and a father,can honestly tell their children,that there really is no such things as monsters,but that day is not today. :(
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Thank you diggler for your response. ;-) That day after, I can't even say how many parents felt ill sending their children on buses, & Saying I don't want them to leave and not come back. Even many scheduled field trips were cancelled.
I hope states continue to emphasize on treating people that need help.

I am from CT. I still think of this tragedy often. I knew a teacher that was taken that day.

I'm deeply sorry to hear that. Thank you though,not only for taking the time to read my story and comment on it,but for redirecting my attention to it. You have reopened a flood gate of emotion,bringing me back to this place,this story,that I'm glad did not go unnoticed.

We can't know what's going on in their heads. Is it mental illness, is it a frustration beyond measure, beyound everything you and I ever experienced?
There is no single one who stayed alive, all killed themselves in the end.
It seems like a last cry, see what I'm suffering and now pay for it!
I don't understand it and it breaks my heart everytime.
We had two such incidents in Germany in 2002 and in 2009.
I'll pray for the families who lost a child and for all the poor children who were wittnesses and never will forget this nightmare. :'-(