What I Did For Fun In High School....

My mascot was a bee. I got to go to school spirit pep rallies. I remember that they had a pie in the face contest, and also basketball games. A lot of students were in sports. They would always dress up in the school colors a lot at pep rallies. They show a sense of people being unique. We had some funny people at my school too. Also, I was helping in a play called "Go Ask Alice." I went to see that, and later on, I went to see a play at the same school called "Footloose." It was kind of a dance musical. It wasn't bad. There were many practices beforehand though I am sure. The kids always had fun practicing. I took a Spanish class that I enjoyed. It was for quite a while and we had some fun projects on different regions of the world.
lea1307 lea1307
18-21, F
Sep 20, 2012