Three Times

My home has been broken into 3 times by the same 3 people. The first time they were in the house and I when I found out, I immediately left as I had a gun in my home and did not want to get shot. So I went to a neighbors and called police, this was before cell phones. When the police showed up they were gone but you could tell they were kids and the only thing they stole was some spare change they had found. The 2nd time was pretty much the same. After the 2nd time I had a burglar alarm installed and it stopped for about 3 years. The 3rd time they simply disconnected the alarm system before breaking in and really took a lot of valuables. They were caught by the police later in the day burglarizing another home when the person that lived there came home and called police from her cell phone.

The reason for the 3 year layoff was they were all doing time for another burglary. When they were set to go to court I went to testify but their lawyer kept putting off the trial hoping I would not show up. No witness, no trial was how the D.A. put it. I was determined to keep showing up and did. Their lawyer cut them a deal and in the end they all went to jail one for 3 years another for 5 years and the last of the 3 is still in jail and may never get out. It was later revealed he had committed other crimes and is a habitual criminal. It was also found out that he is a sexual predator and he sentence keeps getting longer.

So I have a lot of sympathy for anyone who has ever been subject to this type of crime. For one their is the losing precious possessions that you have worked so hard for. The second reason is the damage that is caused in the act of burglary. The last is the biggest reason of all the sense of violation and the feeling vulnerability.

To prevent home burglary get an alarm system they are much improved these days. When my home was burglarized it was easy to get around it, all they had to do was disconnect the telephone wires on the outside of the house. The new alarm systems operate by a cell phone device and this is much harder to circumvent.

So good luck to everyone and I hope you never have this experience.
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I just read an article a guy in the security business or burglar wrote im not sure but it gives examples on what burglars look for and do in breakins