Just Sex

Well as most know my wife has been having sex with some one from ep. Well they meet again this week. This time though she was there first to get the room. When she had the key went out to go to the room her lover showed up and they went in together.

Well as things got stated Darwin asked her where was her phone, she replied that it was in her vehicle. He told her to go get it. So she complied went and got her phone gave it to him and he took some pics and then some video! Well that was a little more than i expected to hear about when i got home. But my concern at that point waso if you want more detail you can read her posting of the story. But for myself as we finished watching the few short clips of video, we got busy!!!

Never the less at some point the three of us will find a way to meet together and be able to please my wife even more. 

36-40, M
Nov 26, 2010