My Huge Accident On Purpose Part 2

This one was my best yet I think I said not so long ago that the huge load was my best well this one beats it totally.

I was walking home for being on a night out I was out of the public eye walking down the street and I began to push I couldn't go.  I was really disapointed so I walked about a quarter of a mile and tried again I still couldn't go. But I felt I could pee and I thought well ive never actually wet before not on purpose when im going to poo.  So I was so fustrated that I couldn't poo I continued to push but nothing came out so I just wet my pants both legs were soaked I felt so warm I was so turned on.  I got home undressed and got in to bed I still couldn't poo so I curled up in bed I pushed with all my might I couldn't go so I went to sleep disapointed.  I woke up in the morning and needed to go I curled up in bed and I could feel it wanting to come I let it after a few attempts I helped it and just a little came out I felt it and awww I was in the moment.  I pushed some more and I could feel that it was hard poo I pushed some more and it expanded my pants more than any other ive ever done before.  Must be what I ate Im trying to remember so I can repeat.  Anyway  I coninued to push and more spread across my bum it wa harder than normal but squashable.  I just pushed and the rest filled my pants I felt my bulge it was huge across my bum cheeks I laid there in poop heaven I then wet again while laid there feeling my huge poop it felt amazing I laid there for at least a hour feel my poop and ************ 3 times in the hour I was so turned on my **** ended up being very sore but I loved it.  I got out of bed and clutched my stomach and tried to get more out it usually works.  It did I could feel more on its way I laid on my stomach and just let it out I could feel it filling my pants even more spreading across my bum I was feeling as I came out.  I was in the best place I could be at that point my huge mess in my pants I kept saying to my self I dont want to clean up I want to put some jeans on and walk down the street with my bulge.  I kept saying to my self Ive pooed my pants over and over as I was loving it feeling this way.  I went in to the bathroom and began to play it spreaded easyly 2 bums worth on the floor I rocked back and forth and sat on the bath ledge I had to spread it it was all over my bottom half.  This was my ultimate panty pooping session I hope I can beat this one I dont think It can get any better than this.  I still feel so horny from this morning and it's afternoon now I really didnt want to clean up I have the imagine in my mind of my filled pants.   awwww so ******* amazing 

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1 Response Feb 28, 2010

hey :o that story is really awsome. i hope u remember wat u ate, cuz i want it to be as big as urs was x)