My Big Oops That Wasnt An Oops

Saterday mornings I get to sleep in witch is fun becouse my wife always comes in and wakes me up well on with the story I planed to take exlax so I could mess my pants easly so sat morning mommy came in and woke me with kisses as I was waking up she mulled my pj pants down and while telling me what a cute baby I am she unfastened my onesie and started taking my wet diaper off she had my cloths picked out which was my Mickey mouse big boy undies a pair of camo pants and and a occ t shirt I was going to play outside at my shop and work on the hot rod she hands me a my pills and set down on the bed telling me to put my head on momies lap I did and she gave me a bottle of water and patted my tummy I was in heaven I drank my bottle and went for breakfast whitch was a can of mixed fruit and a tippy of apple juice after that I spent tell noon out and about goffen off I went in and had fruit and oatmeal for lunch and back to the shop I went my tummy started to rumble and it was getting tuff to hold my bowls. Even my bladder was full I was laying under the rod and I decided to wet a little. Well a little didn't happen and as I tried to stop wetting I messed my pants it was better then I planed while trying to get out from under the hot rod I had. Over filled my undies. And it was great as I stood up there was my wife and asked how long I have needed changing I couldn't say anything but she took my hand and told me let's go get my baby cleaned up on the way to the house I messed again poop ran down the inside my legs mommy must of herd it becouse she giggled and squeezed my hand as to let me now it was noticed we went to the bath room she made me lay on a towel while she got me new cloths which included a diaper she cleaned my up and put me in the tub I got diapered and grounded for the weakend
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you can change mine too!! and give me a good time later on