Huge Poop At Walmart.

I had a huge "accident" on purpose at walmart one day about 3 or 4 years ago. It was a Sunday morning in winter, and the day before that I swear I must of ate about 5 pounds of, burritos, breads, pbj sandwiches, cereal, fruit...etc etc. That morning i had planned to poop myself and was really psyched up about doing it at walmart. Well the drive there is about 8 miles from my house and I already had to go pretty bad. I hopped in my car and stomach hurting, feeling like I was going to explode, drove off to walmart. It was really painful holding this one in. Almost wasnt even fun, but it gets alot better when i get there.

              I got to walmart and was feeling desperate to go on and off. The pressure would build immensly, my underwear slightly getting stained, then die off so I actually made it into the store. Inside i found a quiet area (place was busy for 8 in the morning) and the pressure got so bad that I just relaxed and unloaded a massive firm poop into my briefs under my long johns and sweat pants. The start of the load was pretty firm but then it got softer and creamier (just like peanut butter) WOW WHAT A RELIEF!!!!! I had to go so bad that it took only about 5 seconds to fill my undies up, even though the poop wasnt wet or loose and too mushy. Well I remember that I also went there for another reason, to buy diapers....hehe.  So i ended up grabbing the diapers and heading for a checkout lane. I got into a quiet one and thought i could get out without anyone being to close to me (other than the lady cashier, who probably could smell me), but i was wrong. A couple other people came up to the checkout line behind me. OH No!!  I was so nervous about them knowing at the time i dont remember but I think it was a couple ladys in their late 20s. No one said anything, but i knew they must of caught a smell and I'm probably very sure saw the gigantic bulge in my undies.  Well I just grabbed my diapers and left without looking back then drove off somewhere to change my underwear before going home.

                               luv, Eric

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Mar 7, 2010