In The Shower

so this is going to be my first story.

sooooooooooooo im kinda new to this stuff but heej lets give it a try

what i always liked to do was going to the shower when i already felt the need to poop

so i would get under the shower and i would fiddle with my bottom to get it al going and then stop it again.

when i did that several times the urge would build up to a point at which i could barely hold it and when happens i always have a moment of doubt.

whether or not i really should do it but most of the times i did.

so this one day i went to the shower with a HUGE urge to poop and well thinking about having some fun i started off but this time something was different

when i felt the urge of pooping i would try to hold in in because of the fact that i didnt know if i wanted to do it.

but right after i stopped it from coming out i would start calling it up again so after about 5 or 7 times of doing just that i decided to sit down in the shower to relax a little.(i do that allot its more relaxing then standing up) but as i got down to sit on the floor the urge came over me again so now half way down the floor this massive poop comes and i was half way down so i couldnt tighten my mucles properly so it al came shooting out so half way to the ground im hanging there with this huge bulg in my underpants wondering if i should get back up or sit down.

(at this point i was extremely horny so you can guess what i did)

so i lowered my self slowly on to the ground the firm poo reaching all the way to the front of my underpants it felt quite amazing.

to bad i was in the shower cause i couldnt sit in it for all that long.

soooooooo my first story ever and kinda like a confession.

hope you boys and girls like it.

durpdurp durpdurp
1 Response Mar 14, 2010

yeah nice story experiment further there is more to discover