At The Park

My wife and I have a 5 and 2 year old so we go to the park often.  She had said early that morning, "lets go to the park today".  I said, "ok", just another day.  Couple of hours go by and got the urge to poop.  Started walking to the bathroom and then got the idea what would happen if I had an "accident" while we walking back from the park?  At that point i could not shake the thought i was horny as hell and decided that I would do it.

I began to make preparations for the park got lunch together went upstairs and put on an old pair of under ware, I say old cause I very rarely wear briefs, and then a normal pair of shorts.  Half hour later we were ready to go and on our way out of the door I got my 2 year old in the stroller and my 5 year old on the bike and before I locked the door I looked at my wife and said, "I have to go pee be right back".  So I ran inside to the downstairs bathroom took out a jar of suppositories and figured might as well pee while i was in there.  So while peeing I removed a suppository and stuck in my butt, flushed and was out the door.

We made it to the park, 1/2 of a mile away,  with out any problems.  We stared pushing kids on swings, watch kids slide down slides that sort of thing.  The urge to poop was getting worse but not yet unbearable.  I really was not keeping track of time but I suppose 45 to an hour went by before I looked at my wife and I said, "I have to go to the bathroom.  Are you ready to go?"  She said, "sure".  We started rounding up kids and it took another 15 minutes to convince the kids it was time to go.  On the way out of the park my wife say a friend from work and stopped to say hello.  They began to talk and at that point I knew I was not going to make it back home in clean underpants.

I began to walk away and wife shouted, "where are you going"?  So i turned around and motioned for her to come over to me.  I told her, "I really have to go to bathroom".  She said, "ok hold on a minute".  Before she left I said, "I can't wait any more and reiterated I really have to go to the bathroom".  She said, "ok...just one minute".  Well it was more than a minute.  I started walking again.  She yelled again, "hold on i'm coming". 

She caught up with me and asked, "Are you ok?  Are you mad at me?"  I said, "No but I'm not sure I can hold it much longer."  She laughed and said, "Well just go pee behind a tree."  I looked at her and said, "That's not the problem."  She looked at me and asked in a low tone, "Are you wearing a diaper?"

She asked that because I have a history of diaper wearing and I supposed she thought this was another case of that. 

I responded, "no".

We walked to the intersection and pushed the button on the street light and had to wait for the light to change.  While we were waiting I felt the urge to fart and thought what a good opportunity to begin the process of filling my pants.  So I pushed a little and managed to fart it was loud enough for her to hear.  But before she said anything I was able to push some poop out. 

She acted like she didn't notice

So i did it again.  This time the fart was slightly louder and I was able to push some more poop out.

Now she looked at me and asked, "Are you ok?" i said, "Yeah".  She looked again and asked, "Are your pants ok?"

I said, "Sort of."

Right before the light changed to a walk symbol I pushed again, farted again and filled my pants.

She looked at me one more time and asked, "Well?"  I looked at her and said, "They are not ok anymore."

We got home and the only thing she said about the whole incident was don't put your underwear in the washer just throw them away.

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More details, LOL

good story, you managed to make it look like an accident in front of your wife. Did she help you change?

Awesome story! Glad you had the opportunity & took the risk to fill your pants in public! Way to go! I love doing that too! I get my friends or my girl saying "Martine did you poop your diaper again?" when I have pooped in public! Sometimes it's fun!! Enjoyed your story!! Was the load really big, heavy & thick? Just curious.