My "sexy" Outfit

Well, it was my husband's birthday this past Friday and we decided to get away for the weekend, beginning with Thursday. It was either the condo in Vernon, or the house on Long Beach Island. Since it is not beach and bikini weather yet, the condo won this time. I still got to wear the bikinis in the hot tub, but that really didn't matter very much as we hardly left the condo. Left it only to go out to eat. He wanted to stay inside and get for his birthday only what a woman can give! I have nothing to complain about as I realize that marrying him was the best thing that could ever have happened to me. Yes, he is much younger than me and is financially loaded, but I did not marry him for the money. The money is good, though. The only problem is that marrying a younger man, especially a man who is never tired of sex, can really wear you out. And no, I am not complaining at all. Had no reason to get too dressed up as we hardly left the condo until Saturday. We left the condo Saturday morning and headed to New Hope and Lambertville, stopping in Flemington. All to shop. I brought along a few of his and mine favorite attire. Saturday I wore my super tight, dark blue zip around jeans. Yes, I wore panties underneath. My red leather XTC thong and matching red leather shelf bra. Those jeans were a battle to get into and zipped closed, but felt good up against my you-know-what down below. My husband had to help me get them shut and got his jollies helping me. I also wore a very light, button front white blouse. The real killer was my six in heel red leather chap boots. They are thigh high and are held up by two straps attached to a wide red leather belt around my waist. My husband always says I dress ultra sexy and likes it this way. I am glad he likes it and I like it too. I also like having other woman just burn up inside seeing me dressed up like this. I have no problem walking in heels and do it all day. I also like that zipper on those tight jeans rubbing up against my crotch with every step I take. And yes, I had a hell of a bulge down there. Perfect camel toe as he would say. Damned, I got a lot of attention. The men, and the women, have to get an eyeful. Did a lot of walking, spent quite a bit of money, and did not get back to the condo until after midnight. Going out today was the same story, except we went to New York City. Wore the same kind of jeans, only black this time, different top, and my white leather chap boots. All day in the city. A very "sexy" outfit and got a lot of attention as usual. I know my husband likes it when I get all this attention. I will admit, i am slightly tired from all this. My husband goes absolutely wild when I get dressed up. If that was not enough, he goes nuts when I get undressed and likes to smell the insides of my boots and my leather thongs when i take them off. Is it the smell of the leather, or is it the smell of something else he likes? Doesn't matter to me, but once the clothes are off, then he is all pumped up for bedroom action. That is a great way to end the day. Maybe next weekend I will wear my tight leather jeans for him. I have at least five pairs of them in different colors to go along with my leather chap boots. Have at least eight pairs of these too in different colors as well. That will have to wait until next weekend. Hopefully it will be warm outside this week so I can work on wearing my leather skirts. Mini skirts, of course!
Korrupted Korrupted
46-50, F
May 13, 2012