My Husband

My husband is the sweetest guy I have ever been with. He is thoughtful and kind. However he does have his bad days, weeks, or even months. Unfortunately the nicest guys often have the worst flip sides. With him being in the military he can be esspecially mean and vindictive. Before we were married he was sweet all the time. Then when we started living together, he became angry, sullen, and often depressed. He takes out every little problem on me and then appologizes later.

Any thoughts?

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2 Responses Mar 13, 2009

First of all you have to find out (perhaps you know already) whether he's angry because of something you've said/done or of something that has nothing to do with you.<br />
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Are you sure that he changed after you started living together or was it just a coincidence? He was in the military too when he used to be sweet so, being a soldier is not really an excuse is it?

either get him some anger management help or leave him. it wil only get worse. you deserve better