My husband and I have been married a little over a year. We are compete soul mates. We got pregnant literally on the honeymoon and have a little girl we adore. She's our life. Being the first year of marriage and having a child, we're obviously financially struggling but we've held it together so well. Just recently he's completely stopped wanting to have sex and the cherry on top, he's completely stopped doing all the little things as well (really kissing me, hugging me, patting my butt) all the little quirks most marriages have. I get the feelings he's just running through the motions. We're not stressed at all with our child, she is a saint for a baby and incredibly easy. When I confront him about the sex, he simply says that our relationship has matured and we don't need to have sex all the time. But I'm pretty sure that more than 2 times a month is not abnormal or "all the time". I'm definitely not boring in bed and I've lost all my baby weight and take care of myself so I don't know what the problem is. On top of that, he always seems frustrated and really short with me, when I confront him about it he gets even more irritated. It's so hard to have a loving 2 sided conversion with someone who has a big F U plastered on their forehead. I want to know what I'm doing wrong. I keep falling deeper and deeper into depression and that doesn't help. All he says is "I just want my f'ing wife back" he NEVER used to cuss at me. Never. I feel like I can never talk without his anger making a grand appearance like I'm incredibly annoying or immature. I approach this is the most calm manner you could ever imagine. I don't understand what sets him off. He always comes home on time, he's never out late and there's no weird numbers on the phone records so it's not cheating... I let all this keep building up and then I text it al to him because that's the only way I can get it all out without a furrowed eyebrow or an argument but he throws it in my face later like I'm some immature high schooler. But what else can I do if I can't talk???? I'm backed in a corner, in a complete and total rut. I'm so in love with him. I want my man back and I don't know what to do. He's never once said he no longer loves me but he sure acts Iike it.I'm in pain, I'm a total mess. Please help.
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I hope your husband starts to realize how much you love him. None of it is your fault he just seems like he wants to put all the blame on you so that its not him. He's the one wit the problem and if he loves he should listen to you. Just know your not alone which is really sad in its own way.

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Marriage takes a lot of work and it takes more work when you're young with children. My advice to you is get to know your husband. Go out on dates, reminisce about the old times, flirt with him, joke with him, and most importantly keep conversations light. I know you want to resolve the issues right away but right now might not be the best time. By keeping conversations light then you come off as non confrontational, thus the more willing he'll be to talk to you. Remember if he's comes off as verbal abusive, you have every right to defend yourself.

The best advice I can give you is to take care of yourself. Eat right, sleep, exercise, spend time with your friends, and get a babysitter for your child, so you can go out. As mothers, we often neglect ourselves to care for our children. There's nothing wrong with being selfish for a hour or two because it recharges your batteries to take care of your family. The more you take care of yourself, the more you'll be happy with yourself, and the more attractive you are to others. Take care and best of luck! :)

I know what ya mean ,I got in trouble yesterday for waking him up to tell him is alarm was going off .He called me a few choice names then went to work , We've been married 2 yrs an<br />
after about a yr when I saw this person I can't stand .. I know the pain I cant talk guys friends that I've known since college ,because he thinks I'll cheat on him...