I Dont Understand!

My husband has not paid any attention to me for years. **** why start now right? It has been over for awhile now, we both know this! It doesnt and wont get any better. I never understood and never will why he doesnt want me but loves me! If you love someone as much as he says he does then where is the huggs and kisses, the laughter we wants shared. The holding hands, the out goings, the intimacy! Sex is not everything in a marriage. How can you love someone and not want to tell them? Not want to hug them or be around them and always yell at them. I dont understand and i guess i never will.
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Kiki please read my story on "why I am celibate." Maybe it would help you to understand a little or maybe not, I don't know. My heart goes out to you and your husband.

He said it was over so be it! Nothing can change his mind! He has lost that loving feeling for me along time ago so he said i need to go on with my life so i am trying!

That is, indeed, totally baffling.

I think I understand how you feel. My experience is quite different though. I know my wife loves me but her sexual drive is much lower than mine. As a result I hide a lot of stuff from her. She doesn't know about all my stories on EP, the nude webcamming, or the massages with happy endings. I'd love to share all that with her but I know she isn't interested.

Why not explore with your partner? I dont understand people anymore! The ones that want it never gets it. The ones that gets it all the time dont want it!

Yes, its true, must be something in the air. There is more to a marriage then this. I wonder sometimes but i am glad its not just me. Not that i want to see anyone else go through it either but like i said before, i just dont get it!

Dear Kiki, my wife is so much like your husband. Like you I want the hugs the kisses the sex that goes with love. <br />
<br />
Honey I'm here for you. We can laugh, or cry whatever you need. <br />
<br />
Believe me when I say I understand because I'm the same way. <br />
<br />
Wanting to love<br />