Soo Confused

Hi all...I am a very confused wife...
My hubby is amazing, perfect for me in every way but one...He never wants to have sex unless he is horny....I am not saying I am the type that wants it all the time everyday, but two or three times a week would be great...He has fetishes little naughty ones where he starts websites of me on adult websites, and acts out as if it is me talking to women and men,sometimes without even tellin me about it, and yes, I have looked and they are all "me" flirting....I am not a godess, but i an alright looking girl for thirty-feve and three kids..I get plenty of attention from males and obviously on the adult websites as well....So if that is turning him on and I'm not what gives? Uggg I'm so frustrated
mizztman mizztman
31-35, F
Sep 12, 2012