Living With A Spouse Who Has Ms

  My husband was diagnosed with MS in 2008 and it has been a long road.  When he was first diagnosed he was a little shocked but he kind of knew that he has MS.  I am there for him but he needs to know that I will always be there for him. 

  1 year later coming back from a relatives funeral he was laid off from work.  So I set up all kinds of doctor's appointments and try to get back up health insurance.  I had no luck in retrieving back up health insurance,  I tied going to the state for help but according to them we made to much money. 

Now I have been out of work since January 2009, so we decided that I will enroll in school for a better career.  This is before he was laid off; so I was kind of confused when the state said that we made to much money.  My husband is collecting unemployment insurance and that is the only income coming in.  Not to mention that is the only income coming in, I have exosted my unemployment insurance.  With rent to pay, cable, phone, and food how was we supposed to live let alone afford health insurance.

  My husband has been without medicine for 7 months while we were fitting the state for help.  We finally called the company that was supplying his medication, and they have a financial program that has helped.  I am still concerned he has not been to the doctor's in a while and he is not moving much.  Just from the bed to the couch, I have purchased the Nintendo Wii and he has used it but not enough.

   I don't want to force him but I think I have to.  I hope that with this new year brings understanding, and patience for the thing that can not be changed.

I am staying positive, I have to not just for me but for him  as well.

LivingwithaspousewhohasMS LivingwithaspousewhohasMS
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I hope that you can find a way around the health insurance problems and finish your schooling. it should not take so long and it is unfair. You have enough other things to worry about. My husband also has MS, but is currently still working. I have his health insurance at present. I have no idea how long it will last. It's really tough.

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Yes my husband has SSD, but there is a wait time in order for him to get medicaid. I was shocked when they told us it would be a 2 year wait time to get medicaid. We are now in year 1 we still have another year to go before he is able to get medicaid.


I'm sorry to hear your story. Life isn't fair. I hope things pick up for you in the new year.