Outed To Friends/acquaintances.

My wife is in education and we were out to dinner with some of her fellow teachers and their husbands who are kinda friends of ours-budding friendships I guess you could say. They had an episode at school recently where a girl had a pic of her bf penis on her phone and had gotten caught with it. My wife was involved and was shocked at the size of it-especially because he was only 14. But in the discussion she was the only one who seemed shocked by it. She was going on about how huge it was and "no way a penis that big could belong to a 14 year old". I began to feel a little uncomfortable as I always do when penis size comes up. And coupled with the fact that my wife had had a few drinks already and that tended to make her loose-lipped. Its like she wouldnt let it go even tho i went to the bathroom and tjey were still talking about it when i got back. So finally one husband ask how big it was and my wife says probably 6-7 inches. The entire table busts out laughing except me and my wife of course. I was praying that was the end of it. I knew what was implied-that she didn't know what "huge" was and if 6-7 was huge to her what was I? (we were our first and only lovers). I felt my face go flush and I literally felt my penis shrink. Then as if to explain herself she says, well thats twice the size of Michaels! I think the world stopped spinning. The crowd was was laughing so hard they were crying. I had smiled at her first comment and tried to roll with it but at the announcement to people I know and see that I have a 3-4 inch penis was almost more than I could take. It was a shame I had never known. As I "retreaded" emotionally I felt like I could cry and physically I felt my testicles be pulled into my body which happens when cold or embarrassed. One guy, thru tears pays me on the back and says, Dude your secret is out! His wife says to me, I'm sorry and I think she truly means it but then she says to my wife exactly the same thing and the laughter returns. Another guy comes to my aid and reminds them that it's not the size of the boat but the motion of the ocean. Laughter dies down until another lady adds, unless the boat is a dingy (which is a little
Boat I think). So, as the humiliation (even unintended continues) I feel less and less a man. Finally one wife says alright guys, poor Michael has been picked on enough! Stop it! It's only fair that the rest of you admit your true size. The able
Calmed down and I felt a little better because I know average is 6 and very likely at least one of the other 4 guys is bound to be 5 or 51/2. So they go around the table and kinda sheepishly admit- 8, 10, 7 1/2, and 8 1/2. The wives confirmed with a nod at each size and a few added a hand to indicate thickness and I was Flabergasted as was my wife. I guess to be funny (or just because she was drunk) my wife adds, I don't know, 3? And holds up her finger to question its size as 3 or indicate my thickness which is not true. The table roars with laughter as she moves her hand around the table and ends in my face as an "f-you" sign. Then she gets up like she's pisse and goes to the bathroom. The rest of the ladies follow. So I'm left with all the big dicked new friends as they try and tell me size doesn't really matter and it's what you do with it. All the typical things. Then I ask, so who wants to trade with me? Crickets. Nothing. Not a word. I prove my point. No man wants a small one and no woman wants to be married to a man with a small ****.
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If that happened to me I'm 100% sure i would have killed myself that very night. I don't know how you got through it but i would have left the room to find a knife or a gun. There would be no way for me to recover from something like that

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Omg I'm so so sorry ! Your wife and her "friends" are ******* horrible , if she's not happy she could leave. There is NO need to put you and your man hood down. You didn't choose your size GOD did and it is what it is.

I hope your doing okay and I just wna let you know that yeah woman like big dicks but a smart women would rather chose a man who loves her and is good to her and tries to please her with what he got. Because its harder to find a good man then to find a big ****.

Good luck Michael,

Shame she never let the BF have her!

I woulda smacked her in the mouth....just sayin.

I know the feeling man. Somehow when the laughter stops and they try to make you feel better with the 'size doesn't matter' stuff - it only makes things worse. been there...

That would be humiliating, but I have to admit it turned me on to read about it. I'd love to have that blatant of an experience.

Well my wife and I have an open-ish relationship and I've seen her with other men (all have been bigger) so I have developed an appreciation for the humiliation, but I realize that is not what you've gone through and I'm sorry for the experience you had.

Hey swimmerguy7, unfortunately I can totally relate to your story. I have been in very similar situations, so I feel for you man. Interesting when you said you felt your penis shrink and balls pull up, that happens to me when embarrassed as well, which is even more emasculating! I hate the pat on the back from other guys as well, feels very condescending. My experience has been that other men have been more harsh when making fun of my small ****, especially under the guise of "joking". And they immediately feel superior once they find out. Just reading your story made my face flush as well. Try to hold your held high, I know it's easier said than done.

Yeah, my wife is the same way. I am sure she knows, but I try not to make a bigger issue out of it either. Pun intended.

My current girlfriend showed pics of my tiny **** soft and hard to all of her female friends. They werecurious as to whether i was any good in bed and she told them I had a very skilled tongue and fingers. (Not mentioning my "prowess" with my **** spoke volumes) None of her friends had ever been with a guy whose **** was anywhere near as small as mine.