Glad To See I'm Not Alone.

My husband and I can go weeks without really saying anything to each other. When we do we are fighting about something. Sometimes I feel like we fight over everything. Kids, food, money, sex, ect. Most time I think it's better to just keep things at chit chat so things are quiet.
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i know how you both feel, the damn tv and computer, i think they mean more to him than I do.

I feel for ya. Mine works then he either falls asleep or stays on the computer all night. When I try to get him to do something with me most the time he acts like a little kid doing a chore.

yess<br />
so husband is soo moddyy............i think in 24 hrs..we hardly spent 1 hour with each other<br />
he is soo busssyyy with hs work...his tv shows...<br />
im alone.......and u know wht now i have evn stopeed felling anything<br />
but i get v sad.wn i see happy couples,,,,y ths happened to me<br />
i dont wt to so i expecting something really great...........i just think how will i spend my life wth him..neither do we have sex...........bcoz he is soo tired...........i dont know wt to to react....if i talk out to him..he says .tht im too demanding.......this forum is the only place whr i can talk my heart out

Sometimes he'll talk a little more being nice. But I found it's when he wants something.