What Goes Round Comes Round...

My partner stopped speaking to me and just ignores me so I do the same to him - I don't let it bother me too much, in fact, I'll talk to him as long as he starts first...

...but I think many of these women here should start treating their husbands exactly the same way he treats them - ignore him, ring up your mum or daughter or girlfriends on the phone and chat away to your heart's content, talk non-stop to your children,  ask them questions and listen to their answers, talk to yourself about your day or what you're planning to do, go on the internet, become engrossed in a novel at home and totally ignore the fact that he's come home from work, find all the things that make you happy - like movies, favourite songs, books, cooking something delicious  - play your music loud or wear an ipod with earphones - take your mind completely off the ignoramus that's ignoring you and give him a dose of the same treatment!!!
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4 Responses Jul 21, 2010

...we're talking again... he came up to me, took my hand and we made up... so it took 4 days of silence between us, of me just going about doing my own thing and acting like he wasn't there at all and waiting for him to 'come around'... it seems he was brooding about his ex-partner moving away from our town and taking his kids with her and it was something he wasn't able to talk to me about for some reason... but I learned that I still really loved him and I should give him 'space' because he needs to work things out for himself... and its not always about me either!!

you sound like my mom :-) she kept telling me she was going to come get me. But I also have to think of our son. And I worry about what God wants me to do.

damn... maybe you should have left instead... anyway, concentrate on your own happiness, maybe find a hobby to take your mind off him or go online and find friends to chat and share with... realise that your husband isn't likely to change and the only person you can change is yourself, ie. what you want, what you expect and what you can do for yourself...

I've done this before....we didn't have sex for 3 months! He didn't seem to care. I got so hurt and mad we spent the next 3 months fighting. He told me he was leaving I told him to go. but for some reason he stayed and for awhile things were better.