My Husband Impotent

and he also not interested in my needs.
Its loveless marriage to me.
I ask him to help me to pleasure me but he think its disgusting thing to do
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Why is it so? If I knew I would be alot happier to.

I totally understand your feelings. one time I was so horny. i usually try to not to get it from hubby cuz of how he is - yeah he wouldn't kiss me and he would have sex with me afterwards, just told me to get take a shower now

(sigh). Its a hard thing, or not I geuss hehe

but I understand your pain COMPLETELY!

I fully understand the feeling from the male side. Seems like there are so many of us male and female that have partners that do not want to sexualy satify us and it is a real same. That is why EP has become a sexualy release for me, but it is not the same as a warm female body to be close and holding me!

There are a lot of guys on here that would love to give you what you are missing!

Oh! No! You got some work to do! CHANGE HIS MIND OR LEAVE! Ask him to talk to me. Do something!

that is so distressing

Sometimes you have to be strong and know that you deserve the attention.... and demand it as a minimum.

I am so sorry to hear this dear lady. You do not deserve this kind of treatment. I have a very low opinion of this so called husband. A true husband would love and respect his wife as she deserves. He would help her in any way she needed. And he most certainly would pleasure her. I wish I were there to pleasure you in so many ways. Take care sweet lady.

Baby I would **** you until you could *** no more, and I would also use toys on you to make you *** as well..