Ignored By Husband!

I have been married for a year now.....and I should say that the time I got married I thought I was the luckiest bride ever on earth. My husband was like head over heels in love with me, he would not be away from me even a minute. Then months passed, things changed, our opinions differred, loads of misunderstanding! Am right now 2 months preggo....and my husband isn't really happy about it, not because it was unplanned but thats a different story. He doubts my pregnancy(it was a splash pregnancy)and am totally shattered because of this! I know that by heart he is a nice guy, but don't know why all of a sudden he behaves like this. Well now am kinda away from him, not that we are seperated or anything, am just on a vacation now with my sister and he never bothers to call me! Am totally disappointed with the way he is acting now......but I do understand that he is stressed out a lot with his job right now but he doesn't understand that I need him at a time like this. He never shows interest in my pregnancy! I love him a lot and I don't want to divorce him!! please somebody help me!!!
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give it some time, everyone goes through bumps ...
And just for the record, pregant women are hot!

I am so sorry for how you are feeling right now!! Some men go into a sort of shock at the thought of becoming a father; and they tend to forget that you are the one carrying that baby. He sounds like he made you feel very special during the courtship, and now things are different. I too realized too late that my husband saw me more as property that became his once the papers were signed. I felt at times like guys must think we are supposed to be a virtually "always available" sex partner, and the rest of the partnership shouldn't be an issue anymore. They did what they had to before, and got us, and now they are finished working for it. I am glad you are with your sister, you should stay as close to your support system as possible. You should be as direct as possible with him without argueing. Men tend to think in "facts...as they see them", so if you lauch into an emotional tirade, he won't listen. Also, consider some counseling. A first marriage and first baby are major life changes, and he should be going through them with you, not outside of you. Make your needs known to him in a kind way. If he blows off counseling, and continues to treat you like this, you should consider moving on with your life. If you aren't a member of a church near you, please find one if you are a spiritual person. You need all the support you can get right now. God loves you and your baby, and he will use others to show you if you let him. God bless. Let me know how you are doing at karlinlabelle@cox.net. Okay?