Neglectful Husband

I have five children, have been married to my husband for 18 years and been with him for 20 years. I am miserable, he overlooks me, opens doors for other women and slams them in my face. I dread going out anywhere with him, the thought of it makes me feel sick. He has always flirted with other woman and loves the attention, resulting in him constantly lying to me. I stay with him because of the children, he is a great dad, however he is a neglecteful husband. I have discussed this with friends and their husbands and situations are very similar. Is this what we should expect from men? Is the grass greener on the other side? 
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He doesn't respect you at all. You shouldn't stay because of the kids. He is showing your kids how to disrespect you and to make you worthless. That isn't how you treat people. He wants you to hate him because he wants to cheat or already cheating on you. Pull yourself together and kick his dirty a** out. You deserve better.

I agree with backdoorbuster.<br />
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He is so not worth you! And do not do this for the kids. DO NOT. You shouldn't. It is equal to killing yourself. Please do not be with this man. Leave him. If needed you can allow him to meet the kids every week or so but trust me when the kids grow up they too may not have a nice time with him. This man doesn't deserve you AT ALL.<br />
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Stop letting him dominate you by moving out. If not divorce atleast don't live in the same house. Find someone who can make you feel loved.<br />
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Bless you.

No you should not EXPECT it or EXCEPT it, it's bullshit. You should be treated with kindness and respect, and his actions truly means he has no respect for you as a woman, his wife or the mother of his children. Find someone to have intamacy with, if he's acting this way to you i promise he already has. I'm a guy and i know, you are letting this guy drag you down until you feel worthless Don't do it, you must believe you are somebody of importance that deserves respect and kindness. Weather the grass is greener or not depends on what you want. A new husband? or just someone to make you feel wanted again, either one is good. You would be susprised to know how you would feel to have another man hold, kiss, caress and make love to you, it would change your whole perspective on life. Hang in there and do something for you for a change.