It Is Killing Me

We have lost communication, we havent seen eachother for so long & my family is forcing me to divorce him. I love him, he s abroad working really hard, but now its so weird. I feel like theres no love or even marriage. Im broken at heart and also going through severe abuse. He is trying to play a fraud game with me which might land me in jail. Im so scared, and also lonely because everyone over here is a ***** even men!
I dont have any clue as to which way to move because, my family has he worst reputation in society and are known for abuse n harrassment of all sorts. I have nobody to look up to in this world. I cant rely a bit on my family. They tried to kill me. My life is a mess, and he is iignoring me soo much that i have no clue as to what is in his mind and how our marriage is going to go about!
HelenParis HelenParis
Mar 13, 2012