Pregnant And Not In Love

Hello peeps! Well I met my fiancé 9 months ago in ca we moved very very fast quickly I moved In with him with my 5yo daughter! Not like me at all! But he swept me off my feet and I felt in my heart that it was right , boy was I wrong! He quickly converted me into his housewifey convinced me to quit my job secluded me from outside relationships and manipulated me into wanting everything he wanted for me. He was also a great male figure to my daughter, amazing. I was do dumb and in love and needy ESP since my father traumatically died 2 yrs prior I wanted someone bad n he reminded me of my father, I quickly got pregnant he was on a mission to get me pregnant.....after I became pregnant I realized almost 79% of what he told me trim his past was a lie, he was also losing everything he owned, just the fact that I despise pathological lists I immediately startied resenting him, not seeing him as a man that stands by his word, with pregnancy hormones feeling cheating n going off my Prozac intense fighting started happening, when we fought he would call every member in my tight nit family ti side with him leaving me ti feel more secluded ! After one major fight he tells me I need to move to rn with him or he's gone, not only was I pregnsnt n feeling pressured under those circumstances I felt pressured by my family, now we have been in tennesse for a month everything he promised has not happened, he treats me n my kid like **** when I ask for something I'm a selfish *****, we live with his parents out in the boonies he spends half his check on hunting n cars so we will never get our own place, his family treats me like **** n I went from being princess to not here! It's like I don't exist now every time he's mad at me he tells me I need to go back to ca knowing that I'm moneyless pregnant n nowhere to go, he spends every evening fishing or working on cars n the weekends we ate always going places with his parents, I hate him n Im disgusted by him he was once a manly handsome well behaved gentleman now he's a chain smoking overweight foul hillbilly that speaks so trashy! What do I do help! Or what can I do ti make this livable?
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You can come live with me

Do what I wish I could.....RUN!<br />
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See if you can find some support or a home for battered women to get you out of there, then tell whoever you are the closest to that you went to a women's shelter and he's been abusive so you fled for the safety of you and your baby and if they're not willing to help you then you'll do it own your own. If they won't help, there should programs that will help you to get insurance and food stamps and a place to live etc. so you can start getting your life back and one day find your prince charming.<br />
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For the record, I was in that exact same situation (except my hell was in Texas) and I didn't leave in I lost my baby in my second trimester....if only I had left sooner, maybe she would be here now.