My Husband Is Not Good In Bed

I am 27years old lady, beautiful and married to a cute 31years old man. We were in courtship for few months before we got married 2 years ago. During the courtship, he was never really interested in bed, we did it once a while,he was always telling me that when we are married things will be better. On our wedding night, we almost did not have sex until I insisted. Since then we have been battling to have sex, he does not like kissing me, no compliments from him, no passion in bed. The few times we have sex, he just want to go in, com and sleep off, no passion of any kind,no sweet words. I only receive compliments from other people,but not my husband. I have sat him down times without number to talk about how I feel about our sex life, his always promising to change. The annoying part is that at times when he pretends to want sex, his ***** will not rise, he gets frustrated and leave me, this is usually not the case as at times his ***** will work well and he will be satisfied without me getting any where at all.

Outside the bedroom, his a nice person, we look perfect to the outside world, he takes care of me, assist with the chore at home.

We have sex like 3 times a month, we have no kids yet. what do I do. Should I remain in this marriage and may be cheat on him to satisfy my real sex hunger or should I just remain miserable and forget about ever having a real passionate relationship I dream of every night or should I just quit this marriage.
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My longtime girlfriend in not good in bed either. I love her, but it makes me crazy, she seems to think her part is to have lots of *******, and that's it. Jeez how about a little reciprocity. Maybe we should get together. It sounds like we have the same problem.

Your husband may be suffering from erectile dysfunction which can be fixed. Or he may be gay, which cannot be fixed. Find out what the problem is and get laid already! I would have gone insane!!!

i think u have to ask doctor about ur case so he can help u

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I have and you similar problems,Let me very troubling...My husband can't satisfy me,We have more than a month without sex,This made me feel that I am not attractive,And with him I have never had an ******,Make love seems to have become a boring thing.Every time is ten minutes over, no the foreplay...I'd like to end this marriage relationship,I don't want to now life is like old couple...Before, I had never realized sex will become troubling,But now it does become my obsession,If we want to keep this kind of marriage relationship, we would be very good bitter,Fortunately we now have no child,Don't need to worry about bring harm to the child.If there are children of concern may be more problems......Wish we can to find the hope of life!


Your husband has a problem with maintaining an erection. He's embarrased by it, and confused, and his way of dealing with it, is to just ignore it. His ignoring it, is ruining your marriage, and hurting you. Now's the time for you to force him to confront his demon here. Tell him how you feel, and tell him that if he doesn't go to a dr, or make a considerable effort in correcting this problem, you may look to other men to satisfy your urges. Yea tell him, you love him, and if he has a problem you will work with him to correct it, and you will work hard with him as long as it takes, because you love him. But if he won't be willing to try, then you should be able to do what you have to.

How long have you been married?