I haven't been married very long, its only been 8 months, but in the past couple months my husband has been drastically different with me. I cry myself to sleep at night because it feels like my husband doesn't love me anymore. He blames it on stress, on being unemployed for the past couple months, but we haven't been intimate for months. The few times that we are intimate, he does what he wants and finishes himself off and rolls over an snores. He can spend all day with **** by himself, but when it comes to me he barely touches me. I feel so unattractive and undesirable. We argue constantly because it has reached the point that I am so insecure of myself that I want breast implants in hopes that he might show even a little attraction to me. I wish so badly to look like something else, or be something else that maybe it would make him love me. I used to feel that I was beautiful and maybe somebody special, but I am reduced to feeling that I am insignificant. He tells me that the story of my life is someone who quits when things are hard, that I have never worked for anything that I have. I am beginning to think that maybe he is right, maybe I am someone who quits. I want to leave him at this point, but does that make me a quitter? I hate myself so much right now.
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Im sorry to know that u and hubby both are unhappy. I guess its a phase everyone goes thru in the married life. U dont have to change yourself into anything to attract your husband. Its probably in the lifestyle you have to make adjustments. Think of something that gets him attracted, may be while hes watching **** you be with him. try to notice him what gets him turned on. And also its not all about him, try to analyze yourself about what turns u on most too and try to discuss it. do it together. and may be take a break from the routine life and on for a holiday. Its a fact that stress reduces libido in real and yet guys think and spend time with ****. I really hope my advice works for you both.<br />
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try to hide somthing in your bra, to look much bigger than usually, if your husban likes it than you should go for augmentation. if he doesnt likes it, than its a huge problem, you cant excite them sexually. <br />
But personally i think that a marriage shouldnt have any kind of problem at least for 10 years. i say that your marriage is in gap or dying