Can't Believe I'm Even Writing This...

Some of the things that have happened in my marriage recently are just too creepy and pathetic to mention husband prefers pixelated images to me. I've been reduced to a shadow of my former, confident self and I'm ashamed. I hate that somehow someone outside of me has made me feel so small and unimportant. ...So ugly. I miss loving who I am and being me full blast regardless of what anyone thinks. I don't know what else to say except I really am ashamed that I've let him have so much impact in my psyche.
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sorry he has done this to u, if he realy likes the pixelated stuff then he should try it with u to boost ur time not detract from it

is he crazyyy ?? with a attractive woman like you ??

I can't explain it, wish I could. Maybe I'm too old in his eyes. Or too...accessible, I don't know. Frustrating though.

you look dammm good & yummie to me darlings :):)

Thanks :)

your so welcumm:):) & if you won't do you:( well I would loveeee to & in a new York heart beat :) lol

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Thank you so much for you kindness, and I'm so sorry to read of your plight. It's difficult to be in a place where you are marginalized. I never saw this coming and I just don't quite know how to handle it. <br />
<br />
And, yes, some passion and some compassion would be most welcomed.

Well it works both ways, and that is the part you have get past. Being the husband in the same type of relationship it does have way of lowering your self esteem and worth , that is if you let it. A more effective way is to show that it really doesn;t bother you, fight it and surely that will make him wonder and maybe think twice about what he is doing.<br />
From my side I wish I had a woman who was worried about not wanting her enough, it has never been my problem nor can i relate to it. I feel bad when I hear of a woman having to deal with the same issues and wish there was a place where people in a like situation would be able to fill that void however needed to get past the game playing that happens. You're not alone..Believe me , what I would give for a few hours of passion