I Am Here

As much as he says he loves me, I have felt underappreciated and my needs overlooked. He has a very solitary personality and is very passive. He doesn't like going out or doing things with me that we could both enjoy at home. When we do go out it's mostly with other people and the only things he likes to do with me is eating or going to the movies. I spend most days at home and on the weekends I would like to get out even to go to church but he chooses to go to the gym with a friend and spend time playing video games and watching action movies while I cook, prepare his lunch for the next day, and do laundry, and dishes. This is what I do during the week and I feel overwhelmed when we are both at home and we don't speak to each other because we are doing separate things.

When I tell him what bothers me, he says I nag and that I want things my way. And when I try to let him realize on his own, he doesn't notice. He is clueless and thinks that a woman is happy with a few hobbies at home and food to cook, but I need a partner and I want to be understood. I just need a patient man with open eyes and ears to perceive my sensibility and feelings.
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Same here. Reading and crying. Only I am the sole breadwinner. And housewife. And he wants no sex. And I look great.

Do you love him? Do you actually see yourself with him in 2 years, in 5 years, in 10 years, in 20 years?
If the answer is no, then you're too young to waste your life with him.