My Love

he is extremely successful. he is extremely sexy. i could only say that there is no one else above him except..

he is much too jealous. he is much to secretive. deceptive. i cannot handle this. it is why i have broken away. all can be well...
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9 Responses Jun 22, 2012

Your husband should never ignore you!

he will not ever again. also he is not my husband anymore :)

Divorce is very painful and hard!

it is over now. very happily over :)

Jealousy is a relationship killer! It's like that old song from 38 Special, "Hang on loosely, but don't let to."

wow he must be crazy add me would love to chat

Wow...he must be blind. His greatest gift is unhappy & he doesn't care. That's sad.

He doesn't know what he's missing

There are plenty of sexy men out there.
Success shouldnt be measured by material possessions. Being a good person, doing the right thing and helping others are the real hallmarks of success. he obviously lacks the one thing that I cherish most in life....peace of mind

thank you

my ex. we had divorced the year before and he was trying to reconnect.

I think people who dare to take hard decision deserve what they want. You are a powerful lady and world is needy of people like you.

:) and you as well!