I Feel Lonely 24/7

I'm 21 and my husband is 23. We've been married for about a year now in July. I'm also pregnant with our first child, that will be here in July too. I constantly feel alone, ignored, unnoticeable even when he's home. I've tired talking to him about I feel, giving him hints and it always works for the moment and than its back to the same thing. He works a fulltime job and I stay at home all day. When he gets home I expect to have some time for us but his plans are doing other things like being on facebook, craigslists looking for gigs, on the laptop surfering the web or just watching TV. When i try to start a conservation or ask him for sometime my answer is always the same "okay babe, just wait" :( most of the time wait means wait for more than two hours and I just go to bed instead because it becomes late and I become tired and sleepy. We basically fall asleep at different times without even saying goodnight to eachother, we sleep with different blankets, he turns his back to me so do I. When I try to cuddle he always pushes me away with the excuse "I can't sleep like that, I'm scared I might hurt you". Basically, the only time I really get his attention is when he wants to have sex and comes up on me like uncontrollable horny guy. I sometimes give in to satisfied him and to get that loving feeling from him but I don't want sex to be the only reason and way to get his attention. I just really want to feel loved and know I'm important to him but I feel like that's too much to ask from him.
What do you guys think? Can someone please give me their opinion, I feel like I'm losing my marriage already and I really love him.
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Sounds exactly like my wife, we just found out she has ADHD, it sucks I know the feelings, and sadness you feel, get him tested for it.

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Just ask him how he is feeling about your new life with a baby soon to be at home. He could be pretty nervous/scared. The reality is that there is no instruction manual for kids (OK, there is "What to expect when expecting", etc - a very good read, by the way!). They appear and it's "OMG, now what do we do!?"<br />
<br />
Be specific with him about what you want. Hints won't get what you want. Tell him how you are really feeling about the soon-to-arrive-baby. You may find you are both scared, but it would help both of you to actually say how you are feeling.

thank you!

I'll say a prayer for you guys. Let me know if things get better. And keep at it - it's going to be important to keep working at communication - all the time.