My Husband Has Just Had It >>>. I Guess

recently i lied to my husband about downloading **** and he found out so i told him i did it and i was sorry , and now he wouldn't forgive me , he says i lied to his face and he can never trust me again and that if i can lie to his face like that i might as well cheat on him . i said sorry and tried talking to him , but to no avail. a couple of days ago i was upset of something and told him i was upset he said he doesn't care.and that from now on he just doesn't care how i feel . I sat him down and tried to tell him that i know that i did something wrong and that i was sorry and let's work on this he said no , so i asked what should we do then he told me we will remain like that . i will treat you well and we will stay together but nothing more. i asked then why not get a divorce he said for the sake of our child so i said i would rather have a divorce and the kid would be better off if we are divorced and happy then he said if that happens then i would divorce you things got a bit heated up and i ended saying i will divorce you if you don't then i regretted it and apologized . so now we are at the same point where we are living together almost not talking . and it is boring the **** out of me . it is like i am living alone yet i have to clean and cook and pretend to be polite so that i don't set him off. in general he has some anger management issues and now given how we deal it is harder for me to accept his outbursts that i used to accept because i love him and want to have a good time in out house . what should i do now????
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You are a sexual normal woman that has needs... he has to understand that... if he does not then you should find a nice sexy friend and you have to keep it a secret or it won't work... it is normal to have secrets... **** is not a big deal and having a friend either... if he does not find out of course... kisses....

Most men like **** and trill to have a woman that into it, so what you got is a stuck up man.
Now to your question, you are bored, what should you do ? tell your husband that you want entertainments. Tell him exactly what kind of entertainments you like, make it easy for him to work on it. It's difficult for him if you say " I am bored, but I don't know what to do", but its easier if you say, " let go down to the mall, get a cup of chocolate and do people watching, you can check out the hot girls and I eyeball the hot guys "

my feeling is that he is insecure on his body and male part size and does not want you to size him up. tell me if I am wrong?

Seriously he got upset over ****? Is he a Saint or what? I think he is making a big deal over nothing. He does need to lighten up.

I take it he is hiding something and is using this as an excuse to push you away. Feel free to email me if you like.

hi i dont think u did anything wrong what the harm in looking at **** hell its every where.he really should join u.he should think about what u like if he did i bet your bedroom would be a happy place again