my dh hasn't really spoken to me directly in a while. I came home from work tonight and asked him what is wrong. he asked why does something have to be wrong. I told him that its not normal to be married and never get a hello, goodbye, how was your day or even an I love you, which is so important to hear. I told him that tomorrow could be too late. he rolled over to ignore me and went to sleep at 6pm. how lonely I am. :(
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OMG! This is my life! But you know its funny, because its not everyday. Or all the time for that matter. Its like this flip personality and when he does it I don't know what to do or how to handle it. It may have been something I did or didn't do or may be something not even related to me. I often wonder if he has cheated or considered it, I found somethings on his phone that were very questionable. I feel so alone too :(

I can so relate to how you feel:( mine does the same to me,and yes as a woman it is important not only to feel love but to hear it. It's because they no longer care about feelings and has become self centered. I hate this and trust me I feel your pain. Hold your head up and try to take care of yourself,for you. And stay alert,stay one step ahead. Hoping all well work out for you in your life:)

Hi, just wanted to say how sorry i am to read this. My husband does a similar thing at times, i know how lonely you feel. YOU have done nothing wrong! remember that.