He's Emotionally Checked Out

My husband has made rules. One of them is that I can't ever talk about something I may want in front of or to him. So I'm constantly on guard lest I slip and mention an ad I saw for a washing machine. How is it normal for me to never mention wants and material desires to my husband?

Another rule is I can never mention something he has said back to him. Such as him telling me that I don't work since I am a stay at home mom.

Earlier tonight for the hundredth time I asked him to come to the kitchen while I cleaned after supper, maybe help. He flat out said no, played on his phone, and then went to play a card game with the kids. We haven't said more than a dozen words to each other in the past couple days. What makes it worse is, when we are visiting his mom, after the meal he jumps up from the table and starts cleaning without being asked. What the heck?!?!

Next week our kids are out for a week for fall break. He's planned a camping trip with them and is taking our oldest to a concert. I can't camp (recovering from 2 ruptured discs), and me going to the concert was mentioned and I was looked at with an expression of horror.

I just want conversation. Someone interested in who I am and what I think. To feel important and cherished, a priority.

To be told I'm beautiful, and that I matter more than anything.I don't know how much longer I can go on.
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Hi, I really hope that you sort things out with your husband. It seems such a waste of years of you don't. I'm feeling the very same at the minute. My husband comes home late from work and never normally gets to sit at the table with me and our 2 daughter's. For the rest of the night he sits playing on his phone off iPad. If I try to talk to him I get his eyes rolling and an exasperated 1 word answer. It's like living with a member of my family sometimes, not my husband. He very rarely wants to have sex, so that makes me feel even more unwanted. We used to be such a loving couple, I don't know him anymore!

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Name: nancy jones

I feel & know your pain.

I have (thankfully) realized that there is one Man who can fill the void in our hearts...He is not like any earthly man (who lack sensitivity). I have found this Man to be my best help - He is Jesus Christ, the one who died for us all so we could be in relationship with Him if we choose so.

Some things that I do that help me process the bitterness and resentment I sense towards my husband due to his negligence:
1) Remind myself that Jesus Christ already loves me completely and much more than any human (including my husband) can
2) Forgive my husband for being clueless in this area and causing so much pain/hurt to me
3) Remember that the Lord Jesus is watching this marriage closely and is definitely not pleased when any husband neglects the wife. In fact, the Lord will ask the husbands to stand before Him and give an account of their actions/non-actions toward the wives...
4) I consciously choose to speak out of my mouth "I am a forgiving person, I do not hold grudges. I release my husband to the Lord's hands of correction and discipline. I choose to forgive him, he does not understand the magnitude of the consequences of his negligence to me. My feelings of hurt and anger/dislike may not go away overnight or in an instant... but I am choosing to not dwell on my husband's insensitivities (yet again) and choosing to trust in God's provision of unconditional love for me. I drop all charges I have against my husband for what he says or doesn't say... for what he does or doesn't do. I drop all my rights to get vengeance. The Lord has promised in His word to avenge me. He will help me. I choose love, I embrace life. I am fruitful and help other people. I overcome evil with good. I will walk in forgiveness, extend mercy, and hold my peace when wronged. The Lord loves me and I receive His love."
5) I fill my day with things I can do for other people... I bless others, including my husband.
6) I choose to be a person of purpose who goes about doing good to others and trusting that God will bring goodness and mercy into my life as well.

I shall remember you in my prayers.


Thanks for this.... it just makes so much sense.... I know it in my heart, but sometimes my flesh gets in the way :-)

This sounds just like my husband