My Boyfriend Ignores Me In Front Of Friends And Family.

I am 34 and have been with my boyfriend for 8 years now. We are extremely happy and are almost perfect with one another until now, so I feel very blessed having him in my life. He is the type of guy who is happy to come straight home to me from work every day and is with me all weekend. We have friends that we go visit together and he is mainly the one who mentions to go see my family most of the time, so we are pretty close. We have an amazing sex life and he is always showing me how much he loves me with nice gestures throughout the day BUT... This is what I don't understand... If things are and have been so great alone in the last 8 years then why every time without fail when we are around others (friends/family) he completely ignores my existence! I'm not asking for constant hugs and kisses but at least answer me when im speaking to you or have asked you a question. This may be sounding stupid to you all but that's because I'm not sure how to write down my feelings. What would you do If you were in my shoes...? If we go visiting his friends, he won't say a word to me the whole time we are there. If I go to speak with him he doesn't seem interested. If I ask him a question he won't answer me on purpose... Why would you do that? I am so hurt and annoyed and just feeling like I'm only good company when there's no one else around. Can someone please shed me some light on this topic? How can things be total opposite at home, I don't get it! I have spoken to him previously about what he does to my feelings and he tells me that he feels rude ignoring everyone else... I'm not asking for constant attention. He doesn't understand me. Maybe I don't know how to communicate this to him...? Can anyone give me some good advice? I'm so confused...
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My fiancee does the same thing but to a lesser degree. Either he ignores me in front of his family or pays fake attention to me in front of friends, as well as ignore me (either extreme). By fake attention, I mean that it seems like an act and his affection is over-the-top. Why do men do this to the women who would do anything for them? My father has a bad opinion of my fiancee because he sees the "no interaction with me" side and not the talkative side I see at home. It is sad they treat us this way :-( I am going to start reciprocating and see how he feels...