Me Too

All I want is SOME sort of affection once in awhile. A hug when he comes home, a pat on the back, a peck on the cheek...something. He virtually ignores me unless I've neglected something in the house that he thinks should have been done before he got home from work. These priorities always change and so I never know what he's going to find wrong. The good news is...he's a great dad to our three boys, and he does his share of housework. He once said, "I don't have anything left." (for me)...I've thought about leaving him, but the boys would be crushed and I couldn't leave them. I just always imagined a partner and friend in my marriage, not a roommate....



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3 Responses Nov 22, 2008

I too have a room mate, not a husband. He also is more likely to notice something wrong with the house when he comes home than to hug me. It's beyond frustrating, it's insulting.

I feel the same way..I feel like I have a roomate, not a husband. I will talk to him and he will walk out of the room when I am in mid sentence....sometimes he walks out of the house when I'm telling him a story. I hurts to be ignored by the person who is supposed to love you most in life.

I hear your frustration, Josie.<br />
It's probably a Dr. Philism, but I once heard...<br />
the greatest gift a father can give his children is to love their mother.