11 Years Marriage Goin Down The Tubes!!

Hi.  Have similar situation.  Know my husband 20 years, My First Love???  Feels like so long ago we spent so much time and laughs together.  He was close only the first few years, and even before the kids (we have two under 5) he seemed to remove himself from me emotionally.  Have no idea why but yeah, he will be nice five mins before he wants sex.  For the last six years he has been drinking a bottle of wine each night, watches t.v. in a room away from me.  He says he hasn't got a drink problem but when I ask him to give up he lasts two days at most!  I did nothing in our relationship to deserve this and have always tried to be the romantic one, but when I try to join him he keeps watching t.v. and I almost feel like I am disturbing him.  I'm worried about his drink problem which he won't admit to, esp. for the kids sake.  I get no affection from him except once or twice when he is really drunk he'll say he loves me.  I also do most of the 24/7 housework, caring for kids etc. and cooking, and I'm studying too, but I would always have time to work on US.  He just doesn't seem to need me anymore.

He is however a good dad and affectionate with the kids.  I just wish he could share some of that affection with me.  Without alcohol!!! 

Great to know I'm not alonexxx

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I feel for you...sorry! oooo