My Husband Is Addicted To Pain Pills.

I've been married for 25 yrs. My husband is an addict and as always been addicted to something. First it was pot then it was crack and now pain pills. He kicked the pot and crack about 8 yrs ago and stayed clean for guite sometime. Then he hurt his back and his doctor gave him pain pills and he's been taking them for 3 yrs. There's nothing he won't do to get them. He takes all he gets and buys more and more every month. I've had one of his friends tell me that.. A normal man would be dead if they did as many as he does at one time. I make sure all the bills are paid when he gets his check and he uses the rest and buys more pills. I am a stay at home grandma of my special needs grandson. I don't know how much longer i can live this way. I have taken him to rehab and it works for awhile and then we're back to the same ol stuff. His sickness is making me as sick as he is. Even my health is getting bad and all he has to say is. I'll do better I promise. I'm tired of broken promises.
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we have a lot in common

I wish I had an answer for you. Drugs destroy so many people and relationships. Do you truly Love him. If so then you need to seek help for yourself first. Then you need to help him. Is he really in pain, or just taking them? He needs to find something to replace the drugs.