I am sitting here trying to find a way to break the cycle of abuse in my marriage.
I have two beautiful daughters ,15 and 12 years old.
The abuse is in the house and mostly verbal but never really stops from calling me a *****, bimbo to how i am a bad mother and my house is never clean the list goes on.

I am working in a private English school and have got my self in a postion in which all my wages is paid directly to the school fees ,so i rely on my husband for any money .
I am trying to show my daughters i am strong but my husband never speaks to me with respect and is critical over everything ..he rants and raves in front of the children , sometimes he will spit in my face ..It is so bad for my daughters to witness and i can not find a way out .
I am living in Cyprus so i have very few rights and do not have family who can help .
My husband also never sleeps in bed only on the sofa.!!
Don,t really know why iam writing this maybe just hoping for a bit of advice

lynette123 lynette123
46-50, F
Sep 9, 2012