I Love My Husband

i am 34yrs old i have 1 daughter my husband is very nice man. i love him so much and he also. i know  from the beginning of my marriage that he used to drink but really i dont know this he does. every vacation he used to go his native place  along with my child as if she wants to enjoy her vacation in grany's house and i am left alone at my home i am working as lecturer in one college. in his native he sued to drink a lot and enjoy his parents wont tell anything his mother used to prepare nice foods and serve him.if i tell anything abt his drinking his whole family will create a scene as if i am creating the problem . i dont know what to do? and another important thing that i am different  place he is not asking whether i am live or dead. for whom i have to survive in this world i dont know how to tackle him. i love  both my husband and child. when he is with me after vacation he used to do all help for me and he behaves properly. i am so much depressed and i could not concentrate in my work allways  worried abt him. pl help me to recover from this.
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3 Responses May 20, 2012

i need cheering up too, my bf and lover is gone because he drank too much, i feel i pushed him away but he treated me badalmost want to end it but i can't becaue i have 1 dog and 3 cats, noone cheers me up.

If he doesn't even call you to ask how you are, that's a problem. I don't fully understand the situation, but it doesn't seem very fair to you. There is life outside of a relationship with an alcoholic, you just have to see that you deserve a better more attentive husband and a better life. I wish you clarity and the very best!

Is he an Alcoholic, or simply a man that likes to have a few drinks? If it's the latter I think you need to learn how to accept it and stop worrying so much.