Relative Anonymity Really Brings Out The Brazenness In People

I've been reading your stories. I see a varied bunch of experiences with common threads. But what I don't understand is how eager people seem to be to condemn you once you've decided you need to walk away from your alcoholic. Sure, sure, there is plenty of commiseration and understanding but it's tempered with what seems to be, at best, misguided well-meaning individuals or, at worst, deluded eff-ups that believe they can fix a broken person by just sticking it out a little longer. Makes me angry when I see someone so broken down from the misdeeds of others being invalidated by some so-and-so on EP. Absolutely ridiculous. I'm all for giving my two cents but show some damn respect for the trials they've been through before you tell them they just didn't pray hard enough or weren't the loving, supportive husband/wife they should have been. The nerve.

Regardless, I feel your pain. I live it every day. Stay hopeful.
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1 Response Jun 28, 2012

Those ppl, who condemn someone for leaving their alcoholic, have never lived with one. They also don't know how much you have tried to help that person, how many nights you have cried your eyes out in mental anguish and heart ache. They also are not the one who was/is subject to the abuse in more ways then one.

I also live it everyday but that cycle will end in just after christmas.