Running With My Back Against The Wall

I have been with my husband for the better part of 9 years, have been married to him for almost 6. I am only 29, he is 35. His family are all alcoholics, with the exception of his brother who was forced to choose between his wife and the bottle after he lost his own military career by drinking and driving one too many times and made the right choice. My husband is in the army and is a functioning alcoholic, which for those of you who don't know, is an alcoholic who gets up and goes to work, hides it very very well, then drinks from the time he gets off till the time he passes out and does the same thing every day. On his off days he gets up around 7am and doesn't stop drinking till he feels the need to pass out in the afternoon then does it again when he wakes up till he goes to bed for the night. He is an introvert who doesn't leave his computer. he is a slob when it comes to cleaning up after him self and his desk is large, and full of everything from empty smoke packs that stack sometimes 7 tall and 1L wine bottles and 4L wine boxes, not to mention mickeys and beer cans. At work, he is very well respected , has an increadable PR (which is a personal record of your military career), you would never in a million years know he's an alcoholic, unless you were a best child hood friend, or me his wife. I can now no longer take it, he has got progressively worse over the years. Has never been physically abusive but is very mentally abusive. I fallowed him around through his career sacrificing my own. Because of the last posting which was 2 years, I could not work as we were in a foreign place and I did not speak their language so i have no savings. that being said , we are splitting up, I have a dog im taking with me, he's my baby. I am stuck living with this person for a number of months yet because of the savings. He thinks I'm basically untitled to nothing and is treating as such. If you are in a relationship that resembles this, GET OUT, it will not change, will only get worse, you are only fooling your self in the end and cheating your self out of time you will never be able to get back if you do.
screamandrun screamandrun
26-30, F
Jul 3, 2012