We Fall A Little Further But I Climb A Little Higher

I felt it coming, I saw it coming and knew it was going to happen. Last fall, my husband called and before he got the words out, I knew he had just gotten fired from his amazing job with even better benefits. We had no savings as well he drank it.

I hung the phone up, not shocked but dazed it finally happened and went and right away applied for crappy jobs. I wasn't going to sit by and watch this crap happen anymore.

First two job interviews in over 21 years and I land both jobs. I took the higher paying of the two even thought it's not the greatest thing or even something I want to be doing for much longer. But for now, it's paying down the extra debt, helping me to finally stash some money and giving me a world of new friends and an out of this house.

Downside is I am not able to grow my business like I hoped but I am still trying. I will succeed.

It's been months and he still hasn't landed a job. His drinking hasn't stopped but I am not dealing with a drunk daily. Though I am pretty sure his drinking cost him a job. Who gets drunk at an office party of a place you hope will hire you? Ugh. Stupid is as stupid does.

Though, to be fair, the bills are paid, we have food, heat and electricty and he has been more of a dad then he has been in years. I am grateful for that. Just might make it harder when I am ready to leave.

If things continue how they are now, I'll have the debt paid off so it wont go with me in the divorce and have a pretty nest egg put away.

I am going to keep focusing on the positive and keep moving forward, even when his butt moves backward.
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3 Responses Jan 17, 2013

Sounds like you have a good plan and positive outlook of yourself. Commit to stick to it. It's easy to believe the sweet talk. The best to you.
It's happened to me too.

Stay strong!

Good for you! :)