Wife Watching Me Suck ****

My ex wife was bi and wanted me to try it. She had always wanted to watch two guy's suck each others **** and swallow ***. One afternoon we took a man home with us and my ex had me get on my knees & pull the guy's pants down to start playing with his soft ****. When he got hard, my ex told me to lick his **** head so she could see me doing it before she had me take his **** in my mouth to suck on. I was thinking "what the hell" as i did this and when i opened my eyes to see if she was into it or not, she was already taking her cloths off to play with herself. I sucked his **** for about 5 minutes before he told me to stand up so he could suck me off. I ended up shooting a nice load down his throat to swallow as my ex was so turned on by this. It took me a few other guy's before i swallowed my first load of ***. My ex and i share **** all the time after that.
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How do I get my husband to try it. It would be his first time if he would even do it forme.How can I get him to do it.

You need to talk to him about your fantasy of watching him do this. My ex wife and i talked about this for a couple of months before i tried it. She let me know how much she wanted this to happen. and how turned on she get just thinking about it. She also had me taste my precum for her and later on my own ***. Try that and see how well he likes it.

Must've been incredible having her so dominant there!

Yes it was, sometimes it is so hot when she dominates me.

You are a lucky guy - I would love to find a bi-sexual woman who was turned on watching me have sex with men. I would also be great watching her have sex with women. What great parties we could have.

We used to have some real nice parties with other bi people. Some of them came as a single and others came as a couple, either way it didn't matter to us as long as everyone had a good time togther.

Yummy! I wish I had a guy to 69 with, while a woman got turned on by watching us swap load. :)