Esophageal Cancer

My husband was diagnosed in Feb of this year.  He has gone through chemo and radiation and just got a follow up ct scan.  his throat was closing up again so last week the doctor placed another shunt in his throat.  He has had 2 major strokes and is also diabetic oh and has glacoma.  he can't even walk anymore.  now they tell me the tumor in his throat has grown.  I don't know how he will die or what will happen and that is what scares me the most. 

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my husband joseph diagnosed having Germ cell tumor, last february 2011, we're on his secondline on chemo therapy, he just finished 2 cycle of his secondline. as we talk about this the last time, he told me he doesn't want to continue the treatment his doctor plans for him, at this very moment i am so scared of what's gonna happen if he does not continue the treatment. i am so scared of lossing him. and the most scare's me is knowing how he will die...

I'm sixteen and my dad was diagnosed with esophageal cancer a little less than a week ago, and I am petrified. I don't know how much longer he has left but I did a ton of research and the survival rate is pretty low, and I am so scared that my daddy won't be able to see me graduate high school, or college, or go to prom, or get married or have kids. It is so hard for me, and I left so alone, but I did some google'ing and I found this website and it is so helpful to know that other people know what it feels like, and are just as scared as me. This site can't help my dad get better but it sure does help me. Thanks for just being here. You're in my prayers too. Jamie

Hi, my mother was diagnosed with the same cancer in dec 08, then my dad with lung cancer in jan 09, my dad refused radiotherapy, then went really quickly dying at home on the 25th march 09. My mother has had quite a few stretches and one stent, and chemo but not radiotherapy because they no longer thought it would help. Chemo got rid of the cancer in her lymph nodes but did not shrink the tumour one little bit. She has been bed ridden since July, and I only think because she has such willpower she is still here today. But i have to admit she is now unable to eat and can only drink out of a syringe. She has lost at least half her body weight, and i have to say it has to be one of the worst cancers anyone could have. We have now been told she is now in her last days/weeks and she is now on morphine to control pain. We still have her at home, like we did for my dad, because that is where they get the best care. My dad never seemed to suffer this way, but i only hope that your husband will be one of the few that can last much longer. I hope my comment hasnt been too downheartening, but i can only tell you the truth from my own personal experiences. Thinking of you, love Val x