Not Only Is He Fat.....

his hygiene has totally gone out the window. hasnt brushed his teeth in monthes, bathes only once every couple monthes. thank goodness he does where pit stick once a week. no im not exaggerating! yuck!
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Why??? Have you confronted him about the bathing/teeth brushing? Does he have a drug addiction? Does he have a job? Is this interfering with his job?

yes i nag him about it constantly even promising him special favors if he bathes and brushes if you know what i mean. nothing works. he is an alcoholic. and he does work he is a landscaper. it doesnt interfere with his job he gets dirty everyday on his job anyways which makes it even more disgusting for me!!

WOW! I can't even imagine why a guy would do this. I love to be clean and smell good and hygiene is a must. If I don't shower, shave and keep my hair cut I'll get depressed so I do all those things and I enjoy them. He should at least take care of himself for you.

i agree!

Is there something wrong with him? Or has he just gotten super lazy? My mother was like this and she claimed it was depression. However that is another story.

depression and laziness

I see. What is he depressed about if you don't mind me asking?

just work, bills, life the usual stuff.

Wow, sounds like he just can't handle life.

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